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addition construction in progress Once you've done the hard work of designing your addition and hiring a contractor, you'll want to make sure the project goes smoothly.  Keeping track of your finances and staying organized will ensure that your addition experience is a good one.

If you are hiring a general contractor, the contract will play an important part in whether or not the experience goes well.  A contract, by definition, is the written agreement between you and your contractor.  It should cover things like a description of the work to be done, the price of the work and a breakdown of payments, your responsibilities, including materials you will furnish or work you will do, the responsibilities of the contractor, a timetable with a starting, mid, and finish date, and what the penalties will be in the case of failure to perform.

room addition project under construction
Room Addition Project Under Construction

You'll also want to devise a way to keep track of your finances.  Keep a ledger, and make sure you are not spending more than you budgeted on any item or job.  What is one of the easiest ways to go over budget?  When delays are caused, money is spent.  After all, time is money.  To that end, it's important that you stick to a schedule.  For example, if the plumber is coming on a particular day but the HVAC work needs to be done first, make sure the HVAC work is done on time.  If it isn't, you'll have to reschedule your plumber, and subsequently the other workers who are coming in after him.

Good communication is key to managing your project.  Keep the lines of communication open with your contractor, and talk frequently.  It helps to set some ground rules regarding contact in the beginning — for example, a meeting at a designated time and place once per week to discuss progress and potential problems.

With the right management, your project will go from planning to reality smoothly and without breaking the bank.

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Managing a Home Addition or Remodeling Project

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